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The unending paths show,
Different destinations these know.
The trees alongside wave,
The windy secrets these cave.
The natural paintings steel my heart,
Presenting God’s wondrous art!
The breeze providing the shady bower,
Keep the scorching heat ajar!
Fields disguising a farmer’s toil,
Seeds of the future in the soil!
The tyres rolling their journey ahead,
Fighting the sun turning red,
The vibrant laughs decorate the path,
Burning away the unexplained wrath!
Hours take me miles away,
In excitement my heart sways!
The sky offers an endless view,
Showing everytime something so afresh and new!
A different atmosphere dawns,
Driving away the thorny horns!
I rejoice again as the breeze cools,
Sadness again it fools!
Yes I love these travels,
A promising future these marvel!!

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