Picture Credits : Rahul Singh Rajput

A miffed agreement strewn in the blanched vision,
Nothing to couple but a dodged diversion!
Who dare dreameth that the world shall know ?
In every blue a mandatory bow!
The know-how mirrored a fellowship,
offering strangely a sweared grip!
The parchedness had a lot to say
ice again or the easy jungle way?
What lay unknown was the miraculous war,
Chancing again, the sun glittered not so sour!
A bright divergence distantly glowed..
He who whistled and he who hooted,
Followed in cowardice echoing the shiver below!
The storm was quiet yet again,
Because miles again whispered a rain!
The charm, the catch isn’t lost after all,
the fluttery dance resembled a ball.
A dare to decamp, a dare to turn off,
Willing to fill that empty trough!
I promise again the wilderness won’t die
A fork bis would have me comply!
The gestures won’t resist but blow a sumptuous trumpet
 veiling the hogging fret with all its might !


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