A million suicides in a year, around 805 million people going hungry on a daily basis and an estimated 350 million group of people suffering from depression!
These stats represent the plight of billions of people whom we don’t practically meet everyday but who represent our world. Dig further and you may find even more devastating numbers, who die everyday or who are born disabled or who are orphans! It is just endless! The ironic part is that there is another batch of people who are physically, financially and socially sound but who also happen to share the grimmest of stories. There is literally no one who is complete, satisfied and happy!
I haven’t ever met a person who’s struggle is less pining than mine. Maybe it is due to the fact that pain is more of a subjective idea and you cannot really compare one with another. Pain, problems in themselves are absolute.
Its like every struggle or in that matter every story, is an untold one, and every person out there has his sad parts so intricately woven in his attitude and persona that when you discover what the other person has been going through, you are left inspired and in awe. This moment when you empathize with someone else, it just makes you forget all that you have yourself been through. It just makes your journey an easier one.
We all somewhere wish for a miracle that could just happen and thus end all our problems and and descale the degree of hurt created every moment. But then life isn’t magic. But I will surely tell you what magic really is through the words of a miraculous person.
Mr.NICK VUJICIC is a person who has no legs and no arms. He quotes “when you don’t get a miracle, be a miracle for someone else.” Now how inspiring is that!

According to him we can become a miracle in someone’s life! And believe me that turns out to be the biggest miracle of your own life.
But what kind of miracle can we really be?
What miracle can one person do for another?
The answer lies in the expectation that we ourselves hold from others! I will number these in 3 categories.
First is Appreciation for what you have braved through, second is love for whoever you are today and third is hope that instills in motivation in you to carry forward your life as if a miracle has already occurred.
The most intense of these three is LOVE. We all long for it and love in itself includes the element of understanding, forgiveness and acceptance or in entirety UNCONDITIONAL LOVE(with no conditions ).
When you sit with someone and listen to their story, their sadness will definitely dilute yours because somewhere you will realize that I am not alone. There are a million who are better and more than a billion who are worse than you. When you concentrate on the down sides, your own journey becomes less heavy. There shall be at least 10 people whose problems and circumstances are more difficult than yours. When you sit down with a nodding head with such people you become their counselor, their healer! And there is no better an immunity for yourself than turning a therapist or a healer for someone else. Because whatever feelings, words, thoughts you give to another person pass through you and affect you twice more than that person.
It is love and it is hope and it is acceptance that this world wants including our own selves. So when we find it lacking we must make sure that this lacking isn’t felt by those whom we can influence and comfort. What we need isn’t pity but is love! So the miracle of love lacks in our life and so we must provide the miracle aka love for others to initiate the cycle! A pious cycle of acceptance.

Hope depends on something that can be foreseen but what is more permanent and more easy is FAITH. Faith fathoms from something that is invisible and strides us through tough times. Encouraging people out there and listening to their stories, appreciating the bravery they have put up against odd times, provides this need for faith! And when you do that..your conscience is satisfied more than it could have been by indulging in self pity.
Recently, MOTHER TERESA, who is revered for her work with the poor in INDIA, was proclaimed a saint.
There is another truth related to her life about which not many know.She spent her last years in the suffering of lost faith . She was known and famous for her faithful answering to JESUS’s calling. Yet herself she struggled a lot, suffering the void of the banished faith in her master for whom she dedicated her entire life. She felt as if, JESUS no longer helped her, and no presence guided her anymore. Yet throughout her life she never gave the slightest of hint to believe that her life was such a havoc. She felt abandoned and left off yet she didn’t stop her service and carried on the willed task. And if a lady of her caliber can dwindle in faith , it is nothing for us to be hopeless at some moments in our life. What we must learn and remember that the power that drives us is much stronger than we can ever imagine or put faith in. Our faiths, feeling, decisions, thoughts may change every other day but the way we force ourselves goes a longer way in destining our future. The greater purpose of our life must be realized and me must understand that self pity drowns us deeper and deeper into difficulty. Doubts, resentment are a part of life. The strength to keep believing and doing your action is where the secret lies. The power to being a miracle to others is the biggest that can ever drive anyone. “SEVA” as they say is the best service you can offer to the world. When you emotionally support someone and offer them love and acceptance it is the highest form of service that you do. And yes it is more relieving, fulfilling and blissful than any other activity can provide you.

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The night’s cry and soaked pillows,
hushing strength .. yet the whispering grows!
The darkness being long blamed,
foes so harmless shadowed and named!
A pinch or the venom…pumped too high
Hazed again .. not a blatant lie!
A far cry bells the tears,
Dried and light..not even a smear!
The story enchants and sets ablaze,
a burning melancholy.. it better slays!
Astound and broken ..put the pieces together,
Helps again..oblivious of the withered feather.
Swollen grimness or a plum shimmer,
Haze it is and not the spark dimer!

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