Mridul Bedi

Mridul bediThis blog  talks about a multitude of ideas representing a series of thoughts and feelings. The voice behind all these articles is me, namely MRIDUL BEDI. I am a teenager presently pursuing my B.E. ( BACHELOR IN  ENGINEERING) degree in INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY from UIET, PANJAB UNIVERSITY,CHANDIGARH.

I am a vibrant person who has an undying passion for writing. Poetry is something really close to my heart and I love expressing myself and my feelings through it. Extrovert to the core , I love interacting with people.

This blog of mine is an effort to realise my passion through poetry and articles.I mainly talk about human emotions and the monotony of our habits. I believe in the idea of CHANGE, CHANGING ourselves for the good and realising the potential of human goodness. Hope you guys like and enjoy reading it. 🙂

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