As i sat again in my room mumbling curses to life and its ways, my father came to my rescue. I was in complete frustration with what my life was turning up to be. He comforted me and told me something that changed my perspective about a number of things . He recited to me a friend’s story. He told about one of his collegemates he had. That guys parents gave birth to a baby boy when he was like 18 years old. His entire gang including my father made funl of him and the wierd age gap he had with this brother of his. For him as well as his friends it was a joke and something truely illogocal… Going further , 5 years later the guy committed suicide which was succeded with his father’s death. Now about 40 years post this happening my father sat to realise one thing…the infant born at that time who was the article of ridicule turned out to be the ONLY support for his mother. Had the child not been born that guy’s mother today would have been at God’s mercy . Something illogical at that time resulted in something really logical now.
This anecdote he said portrays just one thing… THERE IS NO LOGIC TO LIFE. This is what is the illogical logic of life. No amount of planning or prediction can justify your future . Often or i would say in 90% cases what happens with us cannot be justified at that very moment. It appears completely bizarre lacking any kind of an explanation. take for instance who would have thought NARENDRA MODI or A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM to be where they are today analysing the kind of childhood facilities or lifestyle they had. Maybe the poverty they suffered became a reason behind their present success and standing…maybe that is what prompted them to become what they are today. That poverty did not have an explanation at that time…why they had to face all that while other kids rejoiced!!
The answer lies in the future they enjoy today. Whatever happens ..its explanation or justification can be given only years after . There is some kind of destiny which governs us. This destiny can be understood only when seen in a broader sense and this broader sense becomes visible long after the incident occurs. So the thing i learn’t is that there is no use giving a reason to everything that happens…. there is no use justifying the way events turn up in your life. A bigger future is being written for you everyday..everything would make perfect sense one day and you have to wait for that one day . So for now live life the way it comes, and enjoy it in the best light!!

Signing out with a poem:

The colonised mind will answer one day,

and drive my doubts to bay,

life would unravel again,

like a rainbow shining in the rain.

the pieces need to be joined ,

only when all the clues have been coined,

till then just await ,

and stop creating the darkening hate!!

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