Feel the FEELING

images (2) Feel, he told himself, feel, feel, feel. Even if what you feel is pain, only let yourself feel. ~ P.D. James, The Children of Men Yea feelings i must say is something really close to our hearts …i mean any situation that you face…or any dream you have…or a person you meet…there is always this rush of something…something that dominates.. and somehow we tend to have no control over this..this SOMETHING .. is a FEELING. The reason why i came up with this blog was because  somehow somewhere we all consider ourselves to be emotional fools …caught up in an unknowning and sometimes unexplained emotions . Am here to make you realize that if you are extremely happy or sad about something or maybe nothing.. you are normal…there are hundreds like you who have an unexplained list of who’s and how’s… jus wanna say sit back and relax ..we all in one way or the other are the same. This blog of mine is not a guiding one…or that would always force you to come out of that emotional bizzare thing in your mind ..i would rather say FEEL it. As RHONDA BYRNE in her book “THE POWER ” says …”feelings are much powerful than thoughts”… dont try and force your thoughts ..your feelings offer much more. These feelings are a God’s gift ..and we should know how to use them…this blog would be something fun..discussing about an array of emotions  and feelings..wounded in d form beautiful stanzas of writing. Before i end i would just say ..give wings to your feelings…dont keep them suppressed …let them go …because the universe awaits to listen your song of life … dont deafen it with your silence!!

Wish upon me,am the happiest star,

tonight i wish a wondrous time,

blooming with flowers not a scar shows,

turning away the depressed foes!

Look ahead the laughter awaits ,

a dancing world it creates

clear upon my stance i stand,

the magical sprinkle giving me a hand!

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