It was sunday morning and I had all the time to relish the day’s newspaper thoroughly. I picked up my favorite SPECTRUM from the bunch lying in front of me. As I began glancing over the paper I stumbled onto an article which read  ” WHEN INNOCENCE IS LOST ” . I was shocked as I read the details of the article which outlined the growing trend of dermatological and cosmetic treatments among children as young as five to six years. How can a child so young judge the way he looks and further even be decisive about how HE SHOULD. Obviously the problem rooted its cause in the way the parents and family groom their child and lay foundations for the personality of the child. The article talked about how the mothers today are worried so much about what  complexion her child has and in their daily visits to laser treatment clinics to cure the way her child looks. It is the environment given to the child that determines the way he thinks. Now a child who has been regularly accompanying his mother to spas and parlours will treat the activity as an important element as he grows up.And for obvious reasons it is damaging for such gullible minds to adopt the principle of BEAUTY OVER BRAINS.
Too much of the blaming part done lets now focus on the real thing lets find out the reason behind this weird trend. One reason that I seem to agree on is the CONCEPT OF ACCEPTANCE.
Let me explain! For one second lets put aside the children and look at adults or the major society at large. Why do we dress up? Or Why do we try to look beautiful  Or why most of the people today go for surgeries and fixing of various parts of their face and similar stuff? Basically an effort to look perfect! Right? We want to look attractive and according to us when people notice us or consider us to be pretty and beautiful and smart we are more ACCEPTED. Somewhere deep we fear rejection and believe that adorning a perfect look can somehow grab us many hearts and attention. We try to keep rejection as far as possible from us through ways simple or not. Right? We seek approval from the society and thus make efforts in order to achieve that.
Where we go wrong is when we link acceptance to just our outer self and thus make efforts only in that direction. We therefore spend most of our time as well as our
thoughts in trying to highlight our outer self. This magnifies to such a level that we ourselves start feeling uncomfortable in our own skin. What we need to understand that our definition of ACCEPTANCE is created as well as governed by us. It is we who decide the way we get accepted. Whatever feature we will highlight becomes our identity or the way we get accepted by the so-called society which actually is also an illusion because it is we only who judge ourselves at the end of the day. Take for example BARACK OBAMA. When I take his name what comes to your mind first? Is it the way he dresses and looks or the way he thinks and the actions he does or has done till now? Take another, say MAHATMA GANDHI. What is your first thought? Does the fact that he was bald affect you? No! Instead when you hear his name  what comes to your mind are his ideas , thinking and the struggles that he has done for India. What about ANGELA JOLIE? Its her acting and her outer appearance that hits you first. It is what the person chooses to reflect that becomes our measure of accepting that person. It is the persona that you reflect that becomes your identity.

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The point here is that the way you are accepted does not in any way depend on the way you look instead the genre which goes to describe you lies in your hands for you to choose. It is our choice what we wish to highlight.
It is wisely said that our brain has more curves that our body! Lets make efforts to furnish them and show these off instead of    trying to alter and modify something by either covering it or  permanently tampering with it. Let us not atleast drag naive minds into this baseless struggle . Let them discover their own selves and let us create room for exploiting other resources which wait for our attention our entire life.

Ending with some poetic phrases,

The creamy roller cleared the dark scars,

Words and logic thrown behinds bars,

Kim is the ideal they say,

Values a big nay!

Cover the dark they said,

Don’t suffer… forget the pain!

But keep those rebel thoughts jolted up hard,

Coz they don’t need to reflect on the shining card!

Nay again…life opened up envious at me,

How could I hide the eyes that talk and see?

I mustered the courage like taking the road less travelled,

Souls  surprised , equally baffled! 

But then a blast awaited my numb mind,

I had discovered the key ..the secret…that perfectionists are yet to find!

My mind became my guide,

An eventful journey to ride.


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