Unmindful of my thoughts I mustered into my old room. It had been long since someone had visited it. Smelling of dust and disguising itself under the nets of spooky spiders, the room presented to be a total mess. Crumbled old things awaited me in a corner. As I sat sorting the things I discovered some of my childhood items. What grabbed my attention was a pair of sunglasses. I remembered the crazy childhood times when sunglasses  were a treat to me. Different shades lay there as I began trying them on my overgrown face now. Blue, black, yellow, …..I had all of them. Wearing them one by one I saw the way my view changed. Yellow showed me yellow, blue showed me blue and and my favourite black showed everything dark.

A thought conjured upon me the very next moment. These shades changed the way I saw things, coloring them in their own shade. The real color , the real essence became tinted. A thing crossed my mind. Something similar occurs in our real life as well. Maybe the way we talk to people, or the way we  see our situations, or the way we see ourselves and our life, everything maybe tinted!!!

But the next question…tinted by what???

Maybe our belief systems, our opinions, our experiences, our way of judging all act as the shades through which we view life. I mean take a simple situation, you meet a person the very first time, what happens in our mind. Don’t our thoughts just begin? Right from the brand of the person’s clothes to the way he looks, we have an opinion already! We just create an image of him, a shade to look through! And the strange thing that happens to be is that we haven’t even talked.

Take another , you are going to meet a friend’s friend. Now before you actually meet, you already have your shade ready, based upon what your friend thinks about him/her. Now you would say what is bad in creating a view ? After all there is this friend’s EXPERIENCE that backed you. I would say there is a lot of bad. Okay give this a thought, how many personalities do you have?? I mean do you talk or interact with all of your friends, family, elders, younger in the same way?? With the same feeling?? The answer is no! With each person we have a different experience, a different approach and a totally different attitude!

You know we all have this habit of living on our belief sytems or more specifically rash belief systems. We create them and even while we create them we do it absurdly. Over the top we form belief systems that are rigid. Why can’t we be flexible? Why can’t we give time and space to the situation,place and person  to explain themselves. Why do we need to rush things and opinions? My point here is that our thoughts shouldn’t be clouded by our judgements. We should give the other person a chance. We shouldn’t tint it with things like appearance, someone’s opinion and our past experiences. If something happens to us once doesn’t mean it will always happen in the same fashion. Things, people, situations everything is destined to change. No person, No situation and no thing in our life is permanent. If we have a rude teacher doesn’t mean that all teachers are rude. When we base our thoughts on miscalculated judgements we deprive ourselves of the real potential of someone or something. We take ourselves further away from reality. Let’s pledge today to remove our shades of opinions and judgements and view things in the way they are. Let’s not be unjust towards our own thinking and give a chance to life!!

Signing out with some thoughtful rhyme,

Clouds appear as I try to look,

Blurring my vision from every nook.

The reality hides itself somewhere,

Making my opinions unfair.

Standing again I clean my glass,

There on a distance a beautiful vase.

 A view so good cheers me up,

As if a sweetener in my cup.

Let’s again give the other a chance,

And enjoy the beauty of the real dance!!?


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