wordyhues1A sudden ping .. a notification …i open it …a friend of mine had put a status  appreciating my dress in my profile picture !! Wow!! I mean in this so called generation of jealousy and swear words where did this land from??….that pounded me …it suddenly incurred to me that what i need to do right now is CELEBRATE!!
CELEBRATE THE ME GENERATION. I mean this generation..this teenage …this competition ..everything is so hyped…..like a hundred people telling us in a hundred ways why this generation is a total waste and a total shit …but then suddenly this ping and a realisation dawns that ours is a much better..much loved and a much cared off generation. A KNOCK …we cannot forget the endless “muaaaahhhss” that we have on our display pictures on various social networking sites…the number of teenager  couples we are daily surrounded by …or the amount of attention and thought we give to our relationships,friends and everyone. We are a generation which appreciates every kind word said ..we are a generation where we do not get tired of writing thank you posts…we remember birthdays of almost every near one of us..and make an effort to make it special for them. YES we are the Awwww people…its kiddish but it is us!! We know how to support each other in crisis ..we know how to say sorry…we have friends who wish us our best..who are there to guide us..love us.We cry ,laugh,click pictures ,do PDAsand what not…..WHY?? Because we love each other ..and we love to flaunt about it…we are a loved generation …. We cant even count the number of besties (best friends) that we have today…we are so social that it hardly takes us 10 min to get comfortable with a stranger….what does it reflect?..Our generation’s level of acceptance and the ability to adjust…we are much better than the previous high headed generation…This is something that we all need to realise and feel happy about…we are way too far from things like competition…jealousy …isolation…we are much better than our ancestors…and those who are yet to come. Its time we focus on the wonderful relations we have created …the amount of stir in vibs that we cause to the universe…lets celebrate the inner fun and zeal that we still possess …the inner love that we are ready to give to anyone who makes us feel at home… Cheers to such a generation…and cheers to life!!!

Signing out with a me generation poem 🙂

The dancing toes create a bedlam,

as if caught in a laughing jam

The chirping voices mix,

Loosing negatives in a fix.

The blossoming smiles promise a world,

Full of dreams with sympathy curled.

This magical aura hurls itself,

Chasing away the worrying elfs.

Yes my friends ….. I love the world with you,

Showing me a glitter in the shabby blue!!

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