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Tip tap…tap tip tip…the soothing bower outside taps its music on my window . Its strange how this phonetically un explainable music provides me a healing power….a power which no words , no books , no inspiring text has ever given me. I mean the moment i feel the whistling wind rushing flowing across my room ..automatically on my face there sprouts a smile…no reason explanation.What is it i don’t understand …maybe the fact that there is a deep connection between me and these pleasantries from nature.What quality is this …which creates in me an uncontrollable urge to go out and be a part of a pleasant celebration…what forces me to smile on hearing the
sound of rain… what is this power that proves to be stronger than my dilemma clouded thoughts.It is a mystery indeed. How can nonliving things like wind , rain relax my worries with no lectures or sermons blurted out. Amazed i wonder at the mesmerizing magic…But again i try and look for the cue…and yes a thought plunges up…there in my nooky corner of my mind the answer awaits….
EXPECTATION!! yes …the soothe cAme because it was given in the most natural way….expecting nothing from me …neither did i place a request to make me happy…but still an UNEXPECTED source became a harbinger of a sudden spark in my dull thoughts.A breathtaking lesson embarked in my mind…it is the unmindful sudden happenings which influence my mind ,…because what my mind demands is not a counselling lesson but an unexpected flurry of emotions ….it is my expectations from other living entities which cloud my understanding …which misguide me to become stubborn…it is my expectations which keep me away from my inner peace.
To live life in the way it is, i must let go off my Expectations…and become more receptive to the real way in which things and people present themselves …i must experience the magic that comes to me everyday in the form of people, situations and a million other things. It is the originality that is meant for me to experience …and not the the moulded way in which i recieve things.

The rainy shower taps,

celebrating happiness in claps..

The soul inside rejoices,

hushing away the sad voices.

come play with me i shout again,

turning my exitement insane.

laughter voices dominate the air,

longing for no more care.

these flowers promising me a moment,

driving in me a change so permanent!!

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