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This is the time of instant success, instant cooking, instant love and so on..thereby creating a need for instant happiness. HAA seriously?? 😀 ..I mean like literally? …when you are in the midst of crisis…I mean right at the centre of it …how can I even afford a smile?? I have no right over it !! …seriously??..think again..which soul in the world is holding your cheek resisting you from giving even a fake smile ?? ..who has the power?? WHO???…the answer is no one. We need to realise that even in an adverse situation like take for example “being on a gun point” …now that is something real forceful….you have the CHOICE to die or do something that the other demands…you consciously CHOOSE to fulfill their demand …there,You CHOOSE …recogonise this …once again I say you possess this power of CHOICE !! Simple..not so difficult..but the question again arises why then does the SITUATION,PERSON,DISASTER dominate over me. Just try and see where does their control lie?.. my answer would be on my physical thing !! Yeah thats the end of it…all of these namely people,situation and disaster excercise control only till the physical and after that IT IS ME WHO ALLOWS THEM TO CONTROL. Our lives today I would say are ruined just because i am ready to be a REMOTE CONTROL. THERE!!! this is the problem . I am a remote control. And may I ask why?Maybe because we are used to it..and why are we used to it? maybe because we have never pondered over the ultimate power that our mind possesses…and what power am I talking about? It is the power to CHANGE! To let go off my regular way of living and thinking …and creating a thought that is different from the regular ….that possesses the power to heal me…I need a conscient thought …that YES I will not let the crisis dominate over me. DO NOT LET ANYTHING PHYSICAL OUTSIDE control the emotional you. YOUR MIND should go by YOUR INDEPENDENT THOUGHTS.

Just a simple fact …”I have more power than the other can pretend to show!! ”

So right in the middle of crisis … just STOP and take the control in your hands …create your ORIGINAL thoughts…free of that crisis…and the result?? INSTANT HAPPINESS 🙂

Before I wind up I would like to present some self composed lines:

In moments of despair,

don’t hesitate to share,

the happiness awaits your arrival,

a moment when you let go of the trivial!

choice again lying in your hands,

free of all bonding bands,

transfer the power back to you,

and articulate a colorful hue!!

Author: Mridul Bedi

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