As I sat down in the waiting room at the clinic waiting for my turn I happened to look upon a poster. It said something like this : why worry if you worry you will either live or die if you live there is nothing to worry about if you die you will either go to heaven or hell if you go to to heaven there is nothing to worry about if you go to hell, then you will be so busy shaking hands with your friends that you will have no time to worry I laughed at the way the poster simplified everything. More than that  I was amazed at the irony of the quoted line… “if you live there is nothing to worry about !! ” But the reality points to a completely opposite thing. Nearly everything that happens in our life is a cause of some worry. I mean we cannot live without worrying. How can we imagine our lives devoid of any kind of worry !! right?? There is always one thing or the other which we are constantly afraid of or worried about. But then again I pondered .I thought about death, A CERTAIN event. Anytime anywhere anything can happen to us …we are never sure whether we will be able to see the next morning or not. Still never do we stop planning our lives. If something certain like death doesn’t shiver us to the spine then why do everyday uncertain issues affect us so much?? Anything that we worry about or are afraid of always have a probability of happening or not happening in the way we imagine them to be.Then why worry about it? I mean take for instance you have a class presentation and you have the stage phobia thing.. lets analyse more closely …you are afraid of stammering or worse the audience laughing at you . Now think what is the probability of that happening? 50%?? okay take it worse, say 90% you are sure that you won’t do good, then also you have that 10% chance of giving a good performance. But we never focus on that 10% instead consider it better to sit and cloud our mind with worry. Everything that we face has some probability of happening in our imagined way… PLUS some probability of happening in the way we do not expect! There is always some probability related implying everything is UNCERTAIN. Now take another case, you go on some one’s funeral do you ever start worrying about your own self?…or do you fear the fact that maybe you won’t see the next day?? do you stop making your plans for the future and start worrying about whether you will live anymore?? No you do not .Death doesn’t affect us which is certain to happen..but a hundred things that have an ambiguous certainty scare the hell out of us. It is said that 92% fears in our lives are false and only 8% are true. Then why worry?? I mean our worrying about something won’t change it … the thing would still occur in the way it has to. What might help in such a situation would be an effort. No amount of worrying would ever help instead a little effort might. So lets not waste our time worrying about trivial issues, because everything that happens is uncertain and there is no use fearing the uncertain. If we have the power to ignore a certain event like death we surely can direct our thoughts into focusing on something worthwhile rather than worrying about the uncertain.

Ending my note with some poetic lines:

I glanced again on the frightful eyes,
whispering in my ears fearing lies.
caging the mind,
a stressful ride
breaking the shackles,
I dance again,
cancelling my agony and pain.
The horizons become visible,
the opportunity turning ceasable !
lets celebrate this freedom of thought,
with all the negatives in a jiffy sort!!

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