The Idle Mind


The wierd reaches of an empty box,
Chirping a bedlam of tangled locks!
The Honks in displeasure hold my head,
The emptiness answers to the diet I fed!
Shrewd remarks now hypnotise,
Where is the inner sage ..the voice so wise?
Every sight and conversation seems to rot,
Is it normal or a hollow move of the devil’s plot?
Ahaa it is the dull mind at work again,
playing on me a droning game!
Immitating the “devil’s workshop” as they say,
Commanding damaging games as it may!
I gag the clamor of the balky heed,
Like a stonewall for the vine against the weed!
But NO! …. the trampling doesn’t simmer the persisted ways,
A tampering obligatory right at the base!
Brimming it with a thoughtful proxy,
From a victim to being a little bossy!
Tasks now line up in an endless fashion,
Driving away the garbage from the newly furnished mansion!
The damaging subsist to entice, miming a bait,
But now vigilant speculation guard the Strongest gate!!


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